Lost & Found

Shhhhh…I’m hunting happiness
It’s happiness season
Forget the rabbits
I can’t remember the last time I smiled
We’re all searching for something
Even you are being hunted
Your soul shines bright in the abyss
It won’t be long before God’s Love gets there
Or maybe it will
Because to be found
You must first get lost
So go ahead and feel the pain of all those wounds
You can be angry
That’s the normal reaction to getting hurt
Not everyone in this World is going to be amazing
Or maybe it’s all how you choose to look at it
Thank your enemies for making you a hunter
You started looking for happiness within your heart
That’s the best gift anyone could give you
Now feel the Love
Directed nowhere else but into your soul
Shhhhh…God’s hunting open hearts
Now is the time to embrace the hunter inside
Search for His Love during the season of happiness
And don’t forget to tell the rest of the World’s people
Shhhhh…I’m hunting happiness

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