Lost Friend

Upon waking to the ringing of a phone and
knowing this must be a nightmare;
The caller said I am glad you answered, I have to
tell you he is gone;
It is so unfair that he was taken away from us
by someone who could not possibly care;

The days were so very long
in the endless summers of our early years;
The nights are so much longer
in the twilight of the limited time we are given;
Planning for many more days of living;

Both of us choosing different paths to follow alone
Floating through this life we take so for granted;
Our lives like two boats passing in the water's swell
Only catching a brief glimpse of a face known so well;

How quickly the winds blow and toss us around
with no anchor to hold us for a moment in this place;
Opening our mouths to speak and feeling the pain of
so much unsaid and the last chance has passed;
Knowing there is so much we both meant to tell the other
but the cold winds silenced us at last.

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