Lost From Hope

Staring out to the sky so blue,
Looking back at the person you once knew.
Time goes by so fast, you dont even recognize your face,
And then your heart starts to race.
Who was I then? Who am I now,
Who, what, where, when, why, how?
The stranger im looking back at has such a beautiful stance,
Im hoping maybe one day in life she'll stand a chance.
Lost and afraid, in her own mind,
She hopes that life wont leave her behind.
But theres someone out there, that knows her well,
She'll put up with everything.
When you back talk, fight and yell.
They wernt kidding, when they say shes your bestfriend,
They will know you througout life, beginning to the end.
"Dont your worry my daughter, my favorite part of my past,
Time changes everything, but live the moment like its the last."
So beautiful to me, to everyone around,
She'll always be here to pick you up from falling down.
Never feel lonely, ill always be rootin for you,
Dont you forget, some of has felt the same way too.

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