Lost Grace Land

He stared longingly at the blue sky-
Wondering, thinking-
Birds tweet their wonderful songs, filling his ears with glee;
He can taste the sweet scent of the flowers,
Which dance on his tongue excitedly;
He smells life all around him, Playing with his nose;
Nothing can bother him in his solitude.

Days, weeks, months pass by,
Everything still in perfect harmony;
But soon, the symbol of death appears.
The trees aflame,
The animals scorched,
And all he can do is stand there, watching, waiting.

Walking through the ashes,
No life is apparent;
He has lost his grace land, he has lost his will;
Walking, weeping he searches;
Searches for a single sign of hope,
Hope of life.

Days, weeks, months pass by,
And nothing is around;
Nothing will appear again;
And he shall slowly descend into his death of sadness.

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