Lost in Love

Lost in love
I am lost in his eye
All problems solved
Wars are resolved
World hunger ended
Peace at last
No fighting
Everyone is good
This world is perfect
The perfect world I see when I look into his eye
The perfect world I wish I could live in
The world that awaits for me to come
The world, which I want to live in
The universes has no end in him
He gave me the will to continue
He’s my will
He’s the only one for me I hope
I love him all the way
I’m invincible to him in the way I feel
He wants to be friends
I want to be more
I can’t talk to him
I told him how I feel
He said “Ok”
What am I suppose to do now?
I don’t know if he feels the same way
I blame my friend for this
If I wasn’t to tell him
I could talk to him
We could be fine
It wouldn’t be awkward for us
She’s to blame for this
Him and me were on the same track
Once I told him we took different tracks
Now I don’t know what to do
Should I pretend I didn’t tell him with my heart?
Or should I embrace it and tell him to do the same?
Tell me what I should do?

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Lost in Love