Lost In Space

there was this empty place,deep space

that I thought could never be filled

would always keep me feeling unreal

unfulfilled, unable to connect, unable to project

than there was a night,cold

leaving me internally froze

until you touched me, just to balance

unsteady in your footing, stumbling, clumsy

incredibly beautiful

you warmed me from the inside out

showed me that yes you can win when love is worth the fight

how could I given in

to anything but that warmth

guiding my future with every kiss you take

every decision rooted in our fate

warmth, that keeps me moving

keeps me focused on something

motivated by us, my heart pumping

memories of that peace, memories of a piece

of your heart

in return my empty space, hate

that your heart ever aches,pain I wish I could take

this isn't about thought

dissecting and manipulating situations and mistakes

deciphering hidden messages sent from ignorant in heat

its about that night

cold, frozen, alone

and the warmth that glowed

pulled me from that empty, deep place

I thought I would always remain, lost in space.

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