Lost in the Dark

Darkness, surrounding my sight,
Almost blinding me with it's deathly shadows
At one time there was a light,
That would guide me through this maze of unknown shadows
Now it's disappeared, another gap in my memory.

Pain used to be a foriegn word,
Now it's a everyday phrase, a daily mantra
A word that describes the misery of the dark

But where will I find another light to guide me?
As I look around I see,
A bright light
A hand outstrectched to guide me.

I'm NOT another lost soul on a path of sadness
I'm free to make mistakes,
Most importantly to learn from them.

Slowly I stand,
Reaching for my savior's hand.
As I walk towards my future a new mantra arises.
No one goes anywhere without first trying, then trying, then trying, learning from their mistakes, always going onward.

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This Poems Story

This is a poem about moving forward, no matter what the past was like. Learn from your mistakes. Use them to become more successful.