Lost In The Night

im lost in the night the moon brings songs of sorrow
not easly forgotten tomarrow.
with the rising sun comes the power to devouer all unpure things
the angel sings we set sail to the sea
this is to be but a dream i can feel the ocean breez
weeks pass with in minuts years within hours
reality no longer in sight
the coast boasts of hopes an dreams
endless waters an the greenest trees
an treasues beyond all comprehention
i only wish to see it once for when the drummers drum
an the angels sound there horns you will kno the end is near
the fear in the pit of my stomach
ye be weirry the road yeilds dark secrets
at the end lies the gallows
lurking buzzerds high above preying on the damned.
the man to the right an innocent man
the rope tight on his neck
its obviouse this man desirves no such thing
i cry out take me i am deserving of this pain
tell me what a man gains
from watching an innocent man hang the rope is cut
the earth now benith his feet
he falls to his knees an prays aloud
thanks the lord an is home word bound
never looking back i am next here to face my fate
one last look at the ppls face
darkness falls but the sun has jus come
harps in the distance playing a soft melody welcomeing me

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