Lost Inside

You gave me no warning that you were to stop loving me
I gave all to you based on false promises
I held you while you cried
I stayed by you as you were fighting for your life
I played in silence and made sure that my tears could not disturb you
All I asked was to stay by you,dwell in your presence
To clutch your sleeve as you led me into danger
Yet you still did not want me, could not love me without your need
You show no love without wanting
As I looked up to you with such longing
In oar of your being, willing to belong to you
Still, you gave me no warning that you were to stop loving me
You gave all based on lies of your own deception
You've left me in the dark
Left waiting, unable to find my own way
Unable to trust the help that might be offered
Unable to trust the path that I am making
Waiting for a love that has no meaning
Forever trapped in this shell running through mazes
Only dark ends appearing
The cold exterior iced to the core
Freezing inside I sit and shiver
Not knowing this person that has been created
Frightened by whom I dwell inside.

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