Lost Little Girl

There once was a little girl,

she was lost and broken.

She felt so alone and abandoned.

This little girl couldn’t understand why no one wanted her.

So many tried to help this little girl but none could get through.

This little girl was broken.

This little girl never knew,

Who loved her the most

This little girl was abandoned in an foster home.

She never knew what happened to her.

She only knew that she was gone.

This little girl grew into a young lady

This young lady felt lost and broken.

She felt so lost and abandoned.

She had a daddy who saved her.

He tried to show her what being loved felt like,

But she still so felt alone and abandoned.

This young lady grew into a teen aged girl.

This teenager felt lost and broken.

She felt as if she didn’t deserve to be loved.

Her daddy brought in a mommy,

Who loved the teenager like she was her own.

The teenager still felt broken and unlovable.

The teen aged girl grew into a young woman.

This young woman feels changes,

But they scared her and she wants nothing to do with them,

She sees the one who caused all these problems.

This young woman sees that its not her fault

This woman is changing,

But she still feels so lost and alone

This young woman grows into a beautiful woman,

She sees the errors of others.

She’s no longer feels so alone or abandoned

There are parts of this woman,

That are still broken.

This woman is learning to heal

That little girl is now a beautiful woman.

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