Lost Love

Who are you? You are no better than me!
I'm the one who has been by his side through thick and thin
It was me who loved him deeply from within

You came and wrecked my life
I was the one sent to be his wife

You stole my loves heart
Perhaps he was never mine from the start
Good job! I guess you've done your part

Jealously firmly grips a hold, it's clear
So hard to let go, it's killing me, see here

You have my love, my life
In the palms of your hands
All I can do now is stand
Afar watch you grow closer, nearer, dearer to his heart

Move on? Trying. I can not
This mountain must be moved before I can ever full this spot
I refuse to damage another
By reeling him in when I have not fully recovered
From this devils den

I wish the pain in my heart would mend
I've lost! It's over. Accepting it.
I lost my love. He is gone forever, the end

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