Lost Love

Lying on the hammock, I feel as though my whole
body is on fire, not a burning fire, flames of
desire. An endless flame, danced and flickered
across my senses. I can feel you like waves of
magical smoke caressing my core. My entire being
is in a dream like state where nothing can touch
me, no fear, no pain, only an unquenchable thirst for
more.You release me, but only my body.I feel such pain,
when only moments before I was in complete euphoria. Crying
deep tears of sorrow, longing to be with you. My heart
screams out; "Release me!" You have to release me! I
cannot endure this pain. I take a deep breath, let out
a sigh of relief as the last tear drop falls on my pillow. I
drift off to sleep.I awoke the next morning feeling Alive
and wonderful, thinking all is well. It was an exquisitely
beautiful day. I gave thanks as I soaked in the sun and
watched the waves flow aimlessly to the shore. They looked
as if they had nowhere to go, like me. You drift into my
thoughts. Beautiful memories prance across my mind. A gentle
breeze brushes across my face and a familiar elation comes
rushing through me. My body quivers and I wonder, is he
thinking of me.

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