Lost Love...

Love Lost…

It started off on a rocky slope
But, I always continued to have hope
Things will get better, it will be dope
But…You only continued to loosen the rope

From drug addictions to abuse I took it all in
I couldn’t get a divorce… that would be a sin!
To break up our family…Then no one wins…
I just needed to grow some thicker skin!

I continued on for twenty years
I fought through the pain and all of the tears
I never wanted to face my fears
But, the longer I did…I knew the time was near

I would’ve stayed and honored my vows
Now I don’t want to, I don’t even know how
The things that happened I just won’t allow
Thinking back now…It’s just like “wow”?!

You put yourself first and ended up in prison
No one could help you, not even your physician
This is nothing close to what I’d envisioned
And you forced me to make this uncomfortable transition

I’m moving on and I pray you do the same
I can never get past all of the disappointment and shame
Twenty years of hard work…just flushed down the drain
I can no longer carry this ball and chain

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