Lost Love

You feel so numb,
I’ve felt numb too.
You are emotionless,
I’ve been there too.

I don’t understand,
Why do you doubt us?
...If it was love there should be no doubt.
Why do you not trust?

Without you I don’t know what to do.
What will become of me, if I lose you?
My worst nightmare is a possibility,
The first sign that you’ll leave me, I’ll ask who?

Who am I now?
What do I do?
I can’t bare this “possibility”
Why do you even think about leaving?

I guess I’ll just wait,
Wait for the time bomb.
Because that’s what it is,
I don’t see how you’re being so calm.

I’ve never been so afraid.
Do you not love me?
I’ll spiritually die.

I guess if you get love,
You get it’s twin sister, death.
Where there’s light there’s darkness.
I just can’t get a breathe.

I can write and write,
But it wouldn’t stop.
Just know that I love you.
Even if you don’t.

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This Poems Story

This poem is when me and my ex boyfriend were at the end of my relationship. I had no other way to convey how I felt so I wrote a poem about it.