Lost Love

Lost Love

Staring at the blank ceiling,
Trying to make peace with all that’s
Happened between us.
Thinking about each and every moment,
We spent together.
Trying to figure out when it all went wrong.

I first thought it was me!
I thought maybe I’m too demanding.
Maybe I don’t give him his space.
Maybe I should be more caring.

Then I thought that its just a phase!
I thought, maybe you would spent some
Time alone.
You would feel miserable.
You would miss me!

Then I thought maybe you didn’t love me at all!
Maybe it was all an act.
Maybe my feelings were just a toy for him to play with!
But now! My head started clearing up.
I know that I loved you, I adored you..
Yes! I did have my flaws but you loved my flaws.
I know that you loved me once and I know that it wasn’t a lie.
You would miss me not like I do but you will..
We were part of a whole!

I also know that..
Time changes things.
Time changes people
And their emotions.
I will learn to live with my new reality,
And so will you!
I wish yours is much more easier than mine!

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