Lost Love

I found someone who I could laugh, talk and play with, with ease.
If I treated her right she was not hard to please.
We had similar ambitions and a mutual attraction for each other.
Although her love for me was overwhelming,
Somehow it did not smother.
Her humorous sarcasm kept me in check;
But her love had a magnetic effect.
She was both passionate and challenging, her spirit ran free.
In all respects she was the perfect woman for me.
I loved her personality and her attractive good looks;
She was intelligent and knew her way around the books.
Somehow the devil managed to set some devious trps for me;
I fell into them and went on a disastrous sinful spree.
Pretty soon she got tired of my disrespectful ways;
And asked me to leave.
Although I never wanted to part from her;
She had good reason and I had to concur.
To this day I still love her and wish I could change the past;
If I could , I'd do it fast.
I wish we could give it another try.
But I realize the relationship would not be the same;
I have only myself to blame.
God has changed my life for the better;
But I mourn for the life we could have had together.

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