Swaying palms surround a home beneath orange skies
Blissful union within lies
As pain soon gives rise
Murder and lost lives
One man’s life is shattered, broken tears he cries
4,000 miles in a direction of nowhere
His bags of pain he lays root
In a city of sex, drugs and hidden faces
In the lights of the night he is able to hide
Now a woman who lives a country away
Lays face down in bed that final day
Her body has for the last time been battered and used
A lifetime of neglect and abuse
One women’s life is shattered, broken tears she cries
She flees to the shameless city of lies
Her body and face to hide, ultimate deceit
The two lost souls though by chance do meet
Unwanted pure passion of ripping desire
Feelings of shut down inner fire
Ravishingly needing the other’s pureness of soul
He lays her back in trustworthy arms
She feels God’s grace working from above
Sensuous bodies,feelings of love
He rises with sureness to cradle her head
Looking deep into each other’s eyes
Sunburst blue melts into green
Creates a magnificent turquoise sea
With all readiness he takes her hand
Marry me

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