Lost Lover.

Missing you and wishing you had stayed,
I am left soley with regret and pain, unstaved.
The touch of your lips and warmth of your skin fill me,
the depth of your eyes drown me,
an ocean of force that overpowers my will.
I can't think, breathe, ideate when I am with you.
I feel unable to function, operate, endure without you.
I am engrossed with the beautiful young soul your heart possesses,
and find myself struggling against an overwhelming
desire to hibernate within its chambers.
Not a single day goes by when you are not filling my conscious.
There is not a single second that I do not obsess over the
lavish legs and beautiful breasts God so graciously gave you.
Being separated from the sweet perfume that radiates from your skin,
Knowing that we will never meet again, unacceptable.
Cruel is the fate that tore us apart.
Our love was immature, without a chance to flourish!
My life is simply not worth living without you beside me,
alternatives are absent to me. I love you forever, I need you now,
it is without hesitation I prepare to take my own life,
to join you in that shadowed mystery.
So that we can truly be happy.
Truly be together.

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