Lost ( Oh Ohio)

There's nothing to question.
My mind has blown further away.
Washed away with the rain ...
Embedded into the wind ...
Never to be discovered again.
So far gone ...
Fast asleep on a train ...
Lies my soul lost in a dream.

I want my peace back.
I want to be me again.
I need to abandon the thought that my dreams are not real.
I must murder my nightmares and steal back my fear.
I'm scared but for all of the wrong reasons.

There's really not a thing to say,
when no one is around to hear.
My thoughts remain unclear.
Blinded by a dream ...
Triggered by a memory ...
On a raft in the middle of the ocean ...
Lies my soul surfacing.

My mind has been derailed from it's single track.
The unknown entails, I'm unsure of how to act.
I'm fearfully facing a sharp impact.
Will I make it out alive?
Will I stay intact?

I'm nervously hoping for a miracle in time,
wishing for the worst to stay out of view.
But all of the wheels that kept me in line
have all been worn down and anxiously chewed.

I'm so sick of being stripped and disassembled.
I'm constantly caught up in changes chains.
Held captive to my many inner voices ...
Will I make it out alive?
Will I reassemble?

I am blinded by misleading lies.
I'm left guarded by dirty hands untied.
The truth has been a bitch to try to reach ...
Now, will I make it out alive without a guide?
Will I survive?

I'm so lost ...
So fucking lost.

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