Lost Senses

The forbidden fruit.
Nocturnal passion, amidst the electric sea.
We dance in the moonlight.
Grants me my value, to his keep. To each we sleep,
In blankets drenched in heart shaped tears
On pillows, in darkness for no soul to see.
Oh, why must we begin these journeys?
Broken boats floating in the sea of love
On the shore of a bitter desire.
Skin floods my sense of touch, throw away the useless!
Sight, for we have lost ours
In the tornadoes of soft music.
Scent, the roses, as they trickled down your temple
Sadly, my sense of sound has vanished
I long to remember, how can I ever find you?
If your name is lost within the dreams I took.
To bring me sunrise, like morning dew
For which my worth, I long to remember,
Would I ever find you?
You disappeared along with the taste of my lover.
Stolen, by the forbidden fruit.
Lost my four senses. The only sight,
I don’t long to remember.
Spring brings your budding love,
Yet my cherry blossoms die
in the midst of December.

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