Lost Signal

Lost Signal

The call never goes as planned. It always gets staticky and I’m unable to make out what you’re saying.
In and out , in and out , words become blurred; resolutions slurred. Words unspoken and unheard transform into doubt.
I turn up the volume and pace around to find reception. “Did you hear me?”, “I can’t hear you”, “I’ll call you back”, damn where’s the connection?

The text went through as intended. Dumbbells lifted off my soul, lingual vomit controlled and for your response I wait. . .The process of anticipating your message tone and vibrate sequence I hate !
Hoping you see it and smile and feel the love I sent through our data. Your name engulfs my screen and in that moment our poor connection never mattered.
There’s our love, unstable yet electronically advanced. Four bars, hard wired, towers and communication is still left to chance.

I listen in angst, anxiety, and anger when I finally reach passed the rings on your line. You never heard what I said and never asked after all this time.
My service wasn’t perfect but it was enough.
The in and out, unanswered texts, and dropped calls weigh out to be a big WhatTheFuck ??!!!
I could never get through to you on any medium, your static, my signal and OUR location refuse to align. My heart, your understanding, OUR situation is running out of time.

The signal is lost but I still hear you.

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