Lost smile

Bleeding feets, walking straight
Sun up high with fiery waves
Steady eyes her melting face
Each step just forward to place
Falling down and getting up
Getting up on a deserted alley
Clearing her throat she said to herself
"I can do it , no matter what it takes"
"No matter what it takes" her thoughts were simple as she say
On midway of the languid path
Tears rolled off her cheeks , but
This time it was diffrent , as
Her mind didn't felt it anyway
She only knew one thing now
After the thornes , flower bed awaits
In search of that happiness
She pushed herself ahead
Until she found it one day
The "flowerbed"of her life , all the happiness she could ever imagine,
At the end she wins it all
But nothing is free in life she knows
Her smile is what it all costs.

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