Lost Souls

Lost souls

So many souls are lost because
They have denied Jesus Christ 
Who died upon that cross
For our sins.

Due to being hurt 
By people.


All because of 
And manmade Religions.

They have walked away 
From the one who loved them first.

All because 
of the judgmental People
Saved and unsaved
In this world.

People feel that they are 
No longer saved because
Maybe they are whores, alcoholics
Drug addicts, gang bangers
Or maybe their bisexual or gay.

That's not true because 
To deny Christ is what makes 
You not saved 
and makes
Jesus deny you.

Accepting Jesus Christ saves you
And rewards you with eternal life.

That's not figuratively speaking
That comes from the Word of God
That breathes life.

All of those other things
Are sins. 
And Jesus set us free 
From the law.

At least that's what it says 
In Roman 8:2

Romans 6:14 
Let's us see
We are under Gods grace.

But hey there is 
no big sin 
or little sin
So be careful about judging
Because soon God will judge you 
One day.

I'm not saying it's alright to sin
To be bisexual or to be gay
But I'm saying let's not be

So lost souls out there you still can be saved 
Just open your mouth and confess Jesus Christ 
As your Lord and Savior.

And let God not man work on you.

Then and only then
Can the Holy Spirit
Change the old you

Into the new you.

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