Lost Spark

She once enjoyed the thought of sunsets and the sunrise
But, with each fading day, she's left to her own demise
If heartache was a dollar bill
She'd be rich
But her soul, he gets a thrill
She has picked up her mat a thousand times over, on empty, and has cried out to the Father asking for a miracle
She's tried to remain strong, dodging the walls that were caving in around her
Racing against the storm, nose deep in mud, falling down to her knees, crying out hysterical
The night she was left in a puddle to her own demise after everyone got done kicking her down to the ground
It was an Angel that came down where she was found
She knew what it felt like to feel pain
She surrounded herself with those crushed in spirit
But the Devil spoke through the people that were supposed to love her and her soul was their gain
Sometimes it's just too late, when those that held you at their selfish hands, after their awakening that they see the damage they've caused
But, there is no pause
She sits and stares out into the distance, numb from the demonic energy that tried to rob her soul
Hoping that there is a day again that she enjoys the sunsets and sunrise
But her heart, they ripped her apart like the wild does to a carcus in the desert, a bat case they think, but her heart they stole
Father God, it's Brittany again, trying to trust upon your plan
Please continue to mend this heart of mine, and please help remove the demons that want my life
Please help me find my Peter Pan

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