Lost, then Found

By Kai Rak   

Listen to the words, I'm about to tell.
Your World is a dream, but this is hell.
Remove your veil, search your soul;
Is it ignorance, or you just that cold?
Why believe a myth and follow the mold,
Of what society accepts and has always told?

Life isn't punishment, but God's given privilege.
You say you know, but do you really live it?
Few find themselves, and fight the lie.
'Cause what's life worth if you're afraid to die?
Livin' on borrowed time, with no way to know.
Just remember, you reap what you sow.

You might think I'm not all there,
But if you saw what I see, you wouldn't dare.
You walk the World too proud to see,
Why we're here and our reason to be.
It's easy you see, we're here to love;
To prove our worth to the God above.

You always ask, where to start:
I can't really say, just think with your heart.
In the end, we're all here together,
So share the love, and we'll beat the weather."

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