Lost then found

I’ve wondered for years on end
Never remembering where I’ve been
I’m searching for something I haven’t found
As I go round and round
I feel like i’m getting closer
To no longer being a poser

Of the girl I use to be
The girl i no longer see
When i look in the mirror
For i use to fear her
Because she made me unwanted
And was the reason i was taunted

I’ve lost the real me
And this isn't the person i want to be
I changed for the world
And i’m no longer that girl
Now i feel weak
And my life is bleak

I see a light
That is very bright
On the other side of the world
I wonder if it’s that the girl
I want to be
The girl i want people to see

I’ve finally found myself
By a bookshelf
This where i use to read
Where i felt freed
Where no one could ever hurt me
Or just plain dessert me

By a bookshelf
Is where i found myself
Now i carry myself with pride
And i no longer hide
Being me is just fine
What matters is what i think in my mind

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This Poems Story

This goes out to all those who have lost themselves. No matter what happens be yourself for that is the best person you can be ,and everyone else is all ready taken. If you don't fit in you were never meant to. You were meant to stand out.