Lost Track of Time

I lost track of time,
Surrounded by the darkness,
Floating in a sea of complete bliss,
A naked body presents itself,
Filled with beauty,
Filled with desires,
Leading the dance of our lips."Heat stuck hues of paleness
And cafe con leche,
Separated by soft fabric,
Slowed breaths filled with intensity,
Ten minutes of soundless laughter,
Breaking apart a filthy habit. "An exquisite fluid,
Invigorating the tongue,
Stimulating hidden desires,
Resisting temptations,
Breaking the rules of logic,
I gazed and gazed,
Her soft eyes craving an answer,
Desperately seeking the magic. "I lay alone,
Lost in thoughts of her,
Aching for moments with clarity,
Feelings outweigh the doubts,
I am trapped in complete euphoria.

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This Poems Story

With every word I wrote in this poem, the emotion intensified in my memory. The vast amount of moments spent together within these four stanzas. "Los Track of Time" carries more than just a brief moment in time, it holds the vivid details I will cherish forever.