Lost truth

Betrayal, that's the word,
Love it's just a fraud,
Yet it's something i am hoping for,
I get it, but still let it fall,
It's my fault, I'm gullible,
It's sad, I'm flammable,
No, I want to be solid,
But how ? No one around me is Godly

I want to be capable,
But that backstab, it's not explainable ,
There is no love, it's lava
You'd just end up in the drama,
No one to trust at all ,
I'm lost in winter, it's fall,
It's frightening,
As I watch myself, get struck by lightening,
I'm alone, with no hope

It's sick, to know what people think,
Trust, what a far away word,
It was once used, when there was a World,
When there was hope, When people served God,
Say it now, It's odd,
Something we anticipate,
There might be hope, If we do it more.

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