Words sink into hearts of men
as do blades during war.
Wounds heal over time if one
makes attempt; people reveal
themselves to those they trust;

Nice to have those in your life.
Are they truly in it?
Are they merely there?
A disappearing act surprises
the most attentive of members.

Remember the day we first met?
The looks exchanged bred a
truth that had been missing
forever; wings sprouted
from your back – the first time

You flew. Trumpets could be heard
in the distance, heralding purpose.
The cave released us from echoes
of darkness, wind parading by
our lips, sun caressing us;

Animals stir upon seeing me.
They felt my painful screams
whenever a demon struck me, a
demon most torturous, most foul.
I turn and say thanks. Learning –

Nothing without loss; the path before
me ne’er more clear – what say you?

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