Loudest Heartbeat

I glare into ocean that is your hazel-green eyes.
Can't seem to revert my gaze because the pull
So grand and unbearable, magnets of surprise.
I witness the curvature of you smile;
A signal of your inviting love,
A signal I can see for a mile.

As I hug you and squeeze
I can hear your breathing
I could stay here with ease.
But we have time eternal
Time to be apart
And time to conquer all.

I can feel your heart beating
Slow but sure beats
In succession, my heart is warming
Because you are so special.
You may never know this,
But to me you will forever be meaningful,

Forever essential to the mural of my life,
The proverbial big picture.
You stay as I experience much strife.
I can't say I'm surprised, just grateful
And intrigued at your love capacity.
Everything, I notice with detail.

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