Dear love
I hope you remember me,
I know it has been a while,
It's like a past memory,
Of my past life as a child
Flashback to the days,
Hallways, kids in a pile,
I am walking up wondering wow,
Outside is still lightning and thundering down,
Those were the days I wish I could bring them back,
I remember when freedom seemed to be so seldom
Especially when you're young, privileged and black,
To grow up sooner than later once meant the entire world to me,
But now I see growing up that life would retire eventually,
Hopeful as time expires in my dreams when I was asleep
I woke up one day to pray as I kneeled on my feet
That one day I would be as successfully and unique
As an amateur artist writing with a fitness fine technique
Noticing as the ship of my relationship sinks,
I swim harder hoping to stay afloat,
As the water slowly rises it seems the faster sinks my boat,
I used my arms as paddles, as if my body was a canoe,
It takes the strength of one man's heart
Just to paddle though the waves,
Life is a precious start as a baby born new and well misbehaved
Even with death at every wave, as the waves pass through me,
The memories of life and what it should be
Also pass through my mind,
Loving twice is always better during the second time

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This Poems Story

My poetry name is Art-Work. My inspiration for writing comes from my experiences. All that I hope for people to take from my writings are related experiences as far as inspiration, motiviation, and dedication towards life and love. I have been secretly writing for about eight years. I am honored to have my poetry looked at as somewhat marketable and blessed to be able to write poetry.