It's the light that shines the brightest when were living in the dark;
And the force that pulls us closer if we start to drift apart.

Its the gentle breeze that soothes us when we start to feel unease;
And the passion that can humble us and bring us to our knees.

Its the hesitance to give up when some things seem out of hand;
And regardless its the reason I'll believe you always can.

It's the magic flowing from your smiles and the softness in your eyes;
And the sheer perfect reflection it would be if you were mine.

It's the rapid beating of my heart every time that you're around;
And the way your voice can sooth me with the most angelic sound.

They say that dreams are made of these and dreams are made of that;
But they couldn't comprehend the things that brought us where were at.

Tho opposites just may attract, they share the same accord;
And what's written in the stars is meant to be forever more.

Its the words in which I couldn't speak and the tears I couldn't cry;
That confirmed the true illusion that your right there by my side.

It's the reason why I still believe yet wish upon a star;
And I place my faith in destiny to carry me so far.

Cause Fate will always have her way despite our other plans;
As your heart will be a part of me until we're hand in hand.

Yet purpose isn't paved in stone when stones cease to exist;
That unknown realm is then exposed and powers are emit.

Then dreams begin to manifest, tho taking their sweet time.
And I wouldnt change the trials in life as long as your still mine.

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