I see your eyes and my heart skips a beat
Your breath smells like peppermint as it’s on my cheek
I look in your eyes and they’re so promising
You’ll protect me

You’ll keep me safe
You say you love me and my heart yearns for you
I’m in love with you its true
My heart it yearns for you

You hold me in your arms
You say it’ll be okay
You always give me smiles
Each and every day

I know you want and I want you too
My soul it’s here it yearns for you
Your eyes tell me the truth
When you say you love me to

But should I go with you
Is this the right thing to do?
All my life I’ve seen how men
Destroy women’s lives

But for now I’m falling in love
My heart my soul they want you too
Is this the best for me to do?
Deep onside I know you love me too

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