Why does it hurt so much to love someone. Loving is supposed to help erase sadness except this adds to everything. Even now as I write this I cry to myself knowing I may never see them again. No one else has this problem I know of. I wish. I wish love did not exist in life. Everything would be so much easier. If only that was possible. I would not think of everyone I ever loved. A teacher once told me that children without siblings love more than others. Since you do not grow up with kids every instinct you have makes you latch on to love. Nobody really notices that anything is wrong because nothing is. I just don’t want to love anymore. Many say I appear too serious but I’m not. I want to come out but if I do everyone will be in my heart. That may not seem bad however when the people I love leave it tears me to pieces. Sometimes it’s me that leaves and it’s because I have to. Many people who I have known for half my life I will never see again. I haven’t talked to almost all of them. I seem calm, cool, and collected but I cannot have anyone else in my life disappear. If someone else leaves I fear I will shatter into a million pieces that will never fit back together

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