Love to me is more than just a word, its a feeling, an action.
Too many say it like its suppose to mean something,
without affection,like it all good because you said it.

Love is not to be disrespected, nor be neglected,
but affective to the heart.

Don't say you love me, don't want no one else but me,
just to turn around and have me feeling lonely.

I may be a fool for love but i will not be a fool for you.

So don't play me for a fool or
you will lie in a pool of your own lies.

Mean what you say and say what you mean, trying to act all clean.

Trying to play me like im blind like I can't see.

My eyes are my ears, in my touch, in my mind.

So sit back and unwind to the melodious sound
of the truth that lingers in the air.

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