Love is a special type of feeling that is mostly craved by another. When love is remembered it can bring a smile to one's heart and make that person feel so complete. The feeling of love, is when it shared by two people, it can bring the saddest days that are darken into perspective. The first dance when love is young and a admirer sparks the flame of many butterflies yet to come in a tender heart. The first kiss that is shared by the warmth of the lips that lights a fire in the eyes of the weary in love. As the affections of budding romance lifts the spirits, its remembrance are engraved into depths of the soul. Hearing the words of I love you, puts the heart into ease and comfort as the mind surrenders into its meaning, and put the world into a better perspective. The day that vows are exchanged and a promise is made to love and cherish each other brings life into journeys irresistible sensations of holding on to that moment forever. Love that is shared between mother and child, father and family brings the circle of life as a family grows together and bonds with one another. It is so powerful because it is patient and kind, it can cultivate you into a better person, a brief encounter with a stranger greeted with a smile can uplift the dishearten soul. Remember love in the darkest days thru the journeys of life, it is love that will keep us, love that will sustain us and love that forgives all things.

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