Love ?
Love such a beautiful thing. Shared by two people,
you and I forever and again. Their is no hate in love,
just happiness
that reaches to the stars
above. when I first saw you oh how I wish that
sparkle in your eyes
was love, But now it has me drowning in the pits of sorrow.
My heart is what I let you barrow.
Crushed It laid and pain I swallowed.
Laying in bed until The dawn of tomorrow.
I was a fool Thinking that our love could out last the
Morrow, But now it has ended with broken hearts.
Shattered dreams..
And in my past is where.
It must remain.Our love I regret To say but was A shame. My mind
Is set. And can Not change. I can write for Days, years,
And hours. But my heart Will remain Broken until the April Showers.
Until then
I wait growing Stronger by the day. Can't help This feeling
My love...
Is turning into Hate.
As the tears Fall from My eyes And My head Begins To ache.
My heart
Starts to fade.. And a wall is put up From the remnants That remains.

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