Confused feeling
Uncertain, ambiguous
Irrational sensation
Unchecked submission
Craziness in droves
Foolishness in heights
They succumb,
Often pronto-
Not asking-
To that which
They think’s right
Even when to them
Largely unknown
They hold faith,
Strongly too,
To that which
They hardly believe
Then they come
Heavily crashing
With the crushing thud
Of a hundred elephants
Only to wake up
Disillusioned for once
The hope gone
They cry
Some pray
Then they start
On yet another
Careless trip
To search
With refreshed vigour
The crazy confusion
They call ‘love’.

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Key Words : Love, Confused feeling, Sensation, Submission, Craziness

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This Poems Story

In my early twenties, I was involved in a love affair with a teenage girl. My recollection of the affair was that of confusion, naivety and overflowing, even if uncontrollable, emotion. With maturity, I see love differently now.