Sometimes its nice to feel like you're five
a heart, unbroken, so playful and alive
putting your head out the window.
feeling the ripping wind blow
no worries of fear, with no heartache at all
pretending to be a dinosaur when you're three feet tall
always ready to be adventurous
never thinking one day it'd be missed
how the time flies by is incomprehensible
sitting there, looking back, time's like a missile
seeing the perfect fairy tales in Cinderella and snow white.
never understanding why they put up such a fight
Love? what was that? we were so lost
we never knew we'd fight for it at all costs
the power behind three simple words
when we were little, we thought it was absurd.
how do they get that way? why do they fall?
does it hurt? why don't they crawl?
so full of questions and amused little eyes
we never understood why Cinderella cried
its easy to forget, as we grow up
how confused and clueless we were about love.

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