Love is destine to be aroused by ones love,
Love is taken upon with much to embrace,
Love is giveth much comfort met at one's heart,
Love is who bear plenty of affliction upon this grief,
Love is taken into a shelter where love is not another's own,
Love is less giving lust whom find hurt settled upon another,
Love is much to dwell treacherously for one's love,
Love is without who holdest forth no passionate matters taken away,
Love is torn asunder by whomsoever beareth and careth not,
Love is declined in much grief,
Love is those who brought this hurt wheresoever it lies at,
Love is kept none behind to proceed with a love never had,
Love is a burden longing for things to yearn for,
Love is for one led by another isn't meant to last,
So, when the love is gone and forgotten,
Remember those send no love in what things taken,
Love is one who beareth them much,
as much as they have no cloak from the love forgotten,
Where love in them were never meant to last who beareth them.

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