It’s in every blade of grass
It’s in the thunder of a storm
In the bluebird singing through the window glass
In the sun beams so radiant and warm
Seek and you shall find
We are surrounded all the time
If you just open up your heart

In the peaceful breezes, running through your hair
In the clouds you watch, roll on in the air
In the ebb and flow of this ocean fare
This isn’t no monumental task
All you have to do is ask
And open up your heart

Its in the fireflies dancing through the summer mist
In the ghostly remnants of a bygone kiss
In every master work of beauty that ever did exist
This enlightenment can only begin
If you just go to that place within
And open up your heart

You have been lost, and now you’re found
Been returned, every time you’ve fell down
And Delivered away from the brink
Wipe those tears now from your eyes
Shed away that terrible disguise
This power is far greater than you think
And no matter how the story spins
I promise that you will find your smile again
If you just open up your heart

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