I love you
Can't you see
My actions show how much I need
Need your body soul and life

I love you so much that I use you for my own needs
I ruin your pride and make you hide from everyone that cares
I've made you a scared child that crouches in fear
I've taken everything awa from you over and over again
And still you let my evil soul in

Why can't you stay away
I hate how I make you always pay
We spill blood together but you take the fall
I laugh and point but inside I'm dying because I've killed you again

Why can't I see that I need you more than you need me
I bleed everyday because of the pain I need
The pain that keeps me alive and breathing
The pain that sucks the life from your soul
Why can't you just cover me up in my own black hole

Because our love is forever and will shine brighter than ever
When the evil has engulfed our entire lives just before we die


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