Love reminds me of compassion and loyalty
It reminds me of how people care about someone other than themselves
Love reminds me of how people treat each other
and how people don't care what other people say
but that one person in the world that can make you happy
And make u feel like yourself

You know that you're in love when you will stop whatever that you are doing to help
That one person
You will cook,clean,and basically do whatever she wants
Some people always say that i think their not in love or they don't love them
But if they say leave me alone or i wanna be alone
They are just saying they love you and are seeing if you love them

And then there are some people in the world who take love for granted
and they abuse love
Some people take love as a key to get whatever they want
to make themselves look cool to others
To make themselves feel like kings to rule others
Some people don't take care of their loved one or don't care about them
Some abuse them some attack them some even cheat on them

I like to think of one thing,would you treat your love like your mom?
Or would you treat them worse or even better?
If you love your mom you would help her right?
Well when you love someone you will help them at any cost

No matter what people say, love will always be the best thing in the world
because only one person--one special person will earn the trust to get the key to the heart
That one person will treat you like a king or queen
They will hold you till the sun falls down
That one person can be standing right in front you right now
and that is love

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem because this poem reminds me of me. I wrote this poem when i found the love of my life bout a year ago,and i wrote this poem to show everyone what love truly is and to help people understand the meaning of it.