I forgive you
The pain’s been unbearable
Each nail, piercing my skin
Produced a scream heard across the nation
Created a tremble that shook the very fabric of reality…
Of sanity..

But don’t worry
My sanity rests in you
In that embrace of pure safety and love I’ll never feel again
In the breath of life that drowns me in a euphoric sea

I know you don’t worry,
That knowledge brings the same thankfulness
Produced by my crown of thorns
Which embraces all of the dark thoughts in my mind…
The psychotic truths
Woven into the beautiful mess of the human conscience

My amphetamine
One down, two
The glass shakes and the water writhes around on the bed
Dripping its blasphemous tears endlessly
Onto the spinning carousel of my stomach

What tears?
You’re still not happy?
At least you’re happier without me..
Without a broken soul tripping over every word you say,
Without Pompeii on your lips
And dry bones too broken to be brought back to life,
Crumbling in your arms

The first kiss
The first time trusting the male species
The first time rustling the sheets
Cannot be returned
But why would I want to?

I cry out in trembling fear that..
The few memories obtained will slip away
As the last summer rays that beat down on our laced fingers
Broke away..
And now shine on the separated shadows of both hands

I forgive you
But not myself

Don’t break
Your satisfaction so hard to obtain
i will pray from the sidelines
For it’s all i have left to give
If he would listen to such a person as me anymore

My crown
Was given to you atop my heart
Though it wasn’t mine to give
i may not be forgiven for such treason, my partisan love
But don’t worry

Well you won’t..
But it’s okay
The world has taught you well
i fell
i’m falling from Everest
Into the flaming abyss

i have no trust anymore
But how can i?
It’s owner flew off into the milky way
And the stars in my bloodshot eyes wait
And wait
For the shooting star to return
And finish shattering the glass of my broken sleeve

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