Love has no greater or equal or opposite
Love has no limits or bounds or bonds
Love is timeless and contagious, and Love will never grow weary
Love will give everything, without ever expecting or even asking for anything in return
Love will forgive time and time again and will find a remedy when it seems there is none
Love can be blind, though Love can also do what is always difficult
Love is strong, resolute and unshakable
Love can move and inspire in ways that would otherwise be unimaginable
Love can seem to embrace a moment in time, but
Love can also make hours seem like minutes
Love will wait.and Love will always and in all ways be faithful
Love loves all:without exception, condition or need of persuasion
Love will always be triumphant over the enemies of heart, mind and flesh
Love does not chastise, and Love does not judge
Love is humble and gracious and good
If everything else should falter, then fall and fade away
There would still be as before and forever
Absolute, undeniable, ever-true, indestructible.Love

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