You asked me if i knew what love was?
I stood there looking at you
So you walked away but before you left me you asked a question.
A question that i was to afraid to answer but now i'm ready.
Do you remember your question
Cause i do
You said do you love me and why can't i see it ?
An here's what i have to say
Cause you are always pushing me away
No matter what i do
Or say
Listen to me when i say this.
I do love you.
I love you to the point where its killing me
I can't see myself without you.
And i want you with me so badly i go against everything that i was taught
I keep going against my morals every time you fuck up
Keep proving to people that your a good person.
An i keep proving myself to you over and over again.
I am there for you no matter what the concseques are
I take on all of your problems as if their mine.
An push mines to the sides.
I put you before myself
Before everyone
over and over again.
I can't see how you don't see that.
And if that isn't love then i don't know what is.
An i give up
As of today i gave up
I can´t keep going back and forth with you
We've been doing this since the 6th grade.
I'm tired
You have broke me for the last time
And i'm sorry if you cant see my love cause i tried so hard to show you.
This is it
I love you but it's time.
goodbye .

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