By: Mary Clyde

Moments glance like photos taken to never last or do?

Applaud this person to lift spirit because this is love right?

Run to every river or call no matter what wrong’s or faults is this love?

Yell I love you thousand times or occasion’s but never stops the chemistry is this love?

Class clown charming personalities build the love so is this love?

Love till death trickles down ones tongue binding forever but maybe till death do us apart is this love?

Yearn for lust but sweep right off the feet to every word is this love you say?

Days past skin starts to change as you do as the years past but now you both fall apart so what is love?

Ever wonder bit or pieces of love and we create, we try, we fix, we even break ourselves down not even caring for self because we care for another. But in the end loose our self, we even kill ourselves, we even lose sleep to try to even grasp love. Now is this love? Maybe not but in the end we still look and create what we think is love.

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