Love is something that comes with life.
It's something that follows you wherever you go.
It's making memories, sharing happy moments and smiling.
Love is a dream come true, an unbearable thought.
It is something that comes with ups and downs,
something that you share with family and friends.
Most importantly, it's something that you are
going to remember.
Love is like a shadow behind you,
Somebody who follows you wherever you go,
Like a stray cat you just keep coming back
to feed.
Love is a secret that you keep inside of you,
that never breaks and never fails.
It's a feeling that you never want to give up.
Somebody who treats you with care.
Love is the greatest thing you could ever have.
With love, you will never feel sad.
It is something that has meaning to you.
Love is the happiest moments and saddest moments.
You will find love wherever you go.
It is something you adore and love.
It is a feeling you desire the most in your life.
Love is a memory waiting to happen. You love
it with all your heart.

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