An intense feeling of deep affection
That's what love means….
To those who lack the necessary understanding.
The deepness that lies in Fondness and tenderness
Can't even scratch surface of the perfect concept
A perfect concept that cannot yet be perfected

An intense feeling of deep affection
What does it mean?
Where could one find it?
Is love not in a relationship?
Does the word itself mean anything?
How is it shown?

An intense feeling of deep affection
Such a word of this definition,
Can break barriers
Such a word,
Can cause one to try their hardest 20 times over
And fail, just to keep going
Such a word, if used right
Can shift the very imbalanced embodiment
Of the Earth

An intense feeling of deep affection
Such a beautiful sight
There is no negativity
If any. It Is coming from confusion
The confusion that causes those blessed with sight
To appear blind

An intense feeling of deep affection
If God is just an intense feeling of deep affection
Could he really be considered loving?
When his son was crucified, to take away our sins,
When his son Jesus,
paid the ultimate sacrifice,
For the future of humanity.
When he arose again,
To give us the ability,
To go home with him,
To experience that divine encounter,
Knowing that hell would've led us..
To nothing more than ash

That's where I believe love lies
Not in death but the sacrifice
Not in persecution but forgiveness
Not only in the suffering for another
But the mindset for why your doing it

An intense feeling of deep affection
Love is not suffering
Love is not lustful
Love is not ignorant
Love is not prideful

Love is powerful
Love is peaceful
Love is mindful
Love is the intent

An intense feeling of deep affection
The intent to improve that individual
The intent that they get the best from you
The intent to put them over your pride
The intent to give them everything
The intent to do, from what we call, the heart

Love. A word that is considered a vulnerability.
But little do they realized the type of strength
In one's (what they call) "vulnerability",
In what they call weakness,
In what they call fake

Love. A word people even see as a lie.
Because of this confusion
some people don't even believe in it.

But as a last word, I say….
Love has been made a Misconception
With no knowledge of their mistake.

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