We kept our hearts, a mile from danger;
Our souls, far form the reach of lethal anger.
Rendered purity, affection and intimacy
to the world's beneficiary.

We gave our all as an emissary.
We lived in a purposeful manger,
to breed Love who was going extinct.
We became an emotional passenger.

The taste of affection- exquisite and explicit.
Our unique tale, the glory within our story.
Our affections became sorry.
We were achievers by the hectare.

Time ran by as an Actuator.
The season of our stay, almost Gone.
Another generation was about swinging by.
Did we sketch Love's survival before dawn?

Sought impact before we were withdrawn?
In ecstasy of expectations,
our aura beat the overwhelming Ilu Gangan.
Drawing close to a yawn.

Cleansed the land to appease and improve it.
With our last drop of philia to Satiated it

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